Bella Rae is not a business that was started just a year ago. Bella Rae has a little more history which was derived from our wholesale company that was started in 1971. Our mother was the sole designer then and our father was the artist that made her designs come to life. As the business grew and demand became more evident we were fortunate enough to acquire and recruit the best inlayers and silversmiths thus giving us the ability to produce at the highest quality desired. Unfortunately, our father past away in 1996 and our mother then retired. My brother (Gary) and I took over the business and I am now the sole designer and he oversees the quality control as well as being active in the manufacturing process. Over the years we have collaborated with large retail companies and have had an overwhelming response to the collection. The idea of always wanting to venture out into the retail market has always been a desirable goal of ours.

In October 2012, my sister-in-law Renee called me up one day and said “I have an idea, we need to meet”. Renee’s vision was to bring beautiful handmade jewelry at an affordable price right to the consumer. No more frustrating days of shopping from store to store searching for that perfect accessory. Bella Rae now makes it convenient for all women to own one of our signature pieces whether shopping online, hosting a party or even taking advantage of our layaway plan we want to ensure we make it a memorable experience for all.

We have since expanded our vision to incorporate and give other women the ability to become financially independent by offering them a chance to become a Bella Rae representative. This wonderful opportunity gives them the ability to earn extra income while having the flexibility to schedule their business around their precious time.

The most common asked question is what does Bella Rae mean? All of us have been blessed to have had a wonderful father, husband, grandpa and in-law in our lives “Bella” means beautiful and “Rae” was our father’s name thus bringing Bella Rae to life.

We want to thank our loyal customers for supporting our family owned business. We take great pride in our jewelry and hope that you love it as much as we do.

The Bella Rae Jewelry Collection is all handcrafted from the finest .925 Sterling Silver and inlayed with natural stones accented with the Gilson created Opal which is maintenance free.  We subscribe to the highest quality of excellence in craftsmanship.  Our designs are proprietary to Bella Rae Jewelry.